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    World of Color first timers

    Can anyone help us with advice on viewing World of Color? We're going in Feb. and haven't seen it yet. Can you see the show from anywhere in the park or are Fast Passes a MUST for this show? Are the WOC dining packages helpful? It will be 3 adults and a 3 year old. Any tips?


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    Re: World of Color first timers

    For World of Color, WoC, sure you can see it from many places around the lagoon, but viewing is much better in Paradise Park the area you need a FastPass, FP, to get into. If you rank the view on a 1-10 scale it will be 5-10 in the park, and 1-4 outside. Below it will tell how to see the show, and how to get a 8-10 view. It's a very novel show and worth it to put in the time to get the best view.

    For WoC, you need to get FPs from the FP kiosks at Grizzly River Run. These FPs will not be affected by or affect your other FP collection. There are two viewing areas Blue on the east and Yellow on the west of Paradise Park, the tiered viewing area. The tickets are distributed first show, blue then yellow, then later shows blue then yellow. Depending when you want to see the show, and were from, it takes a little luck to get the right ticket. Tickets don't go fast, likely around 11 it will go to the later show and tickets will be gone mid to late afternoon.

    You can also get WoC ticket with dining packages. Wine Country Trattoria sells a meal package with them for dinner and the viewing area is in the front and just to the east. Carthay Theater offers them with lunch and dinner, but you have to order an entree plus app or desser, I'd recommend this if you want a full meal anyway. The Carthay Theatre viewing is in the back just to the west of center. Also available is a WCT lunch that gets you a blue FP, and a picnics you preorder online for yellow FPs.

    Finally with the Glow in the Show ear hats a special viewing section is set up. I have yet to view WoC with this new development and don't have details, but you still need a FP to get in.

    To get a good view, you need to arrive just before or at the early return time. Don't head right for the front, view are good from and level. Do get a spot along a railing so there is nobody directly in front of you.

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    Re: World of Color first timers

    GREAT ADVICE! Thanks so much! We are really looking forward to seeing WoC for the first time!

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    Re: World of Color first timers

    Just to help understand the differences between the dining package tickets and the free-fast passes. They both offer great view, and as the other poster mention, be sure to get in the front row of a second. The way the planters are arranged, even in the middle there are planters on the side, get in front of the planter and you'll have a good view.

    While the dining plan offer a more center view of the performance area, it isn't significantly better from a view standpoint, however, there is three benefits to the dining package to consider:
    (1) You don't need to worry about getting FP early in the day for WoC, you can skip it all together;
    (2) You can line up much later for the dining package return time and still get a good show; whereas the FP area you will want to get their early on during the return window.
    (3) This area seems less crowded (although crowd shouldn't be a big deal during February) the Blue and Yellow are packed in a bit more closer to capacity (like standing in like for a busy ride) versus the dining area where there is a bit more personal space available.

    If you are planning on sit down dining in the park, I would opt for the dining options. Also, since you have a 3 year old, I would say the reduced time waiting in line is a bit of a perk too, although only a minor one.

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