Now CityPass San Fransisco a card that you purchase and allows access to some of the best pay to visit sites and expiences has a new option. You can use it for the Aquarium of the Bay a simple normal aquarium located in San Fransisco, or the world class Monterey Bay Aquarium located in Monterey. Montery is about 100 miles/2hours south from San Fransisco.

If you have never been to the area it is a bit of drive, but in a historical scenic town on the coast. To get to it, you must drive although buses are available and it does have a small regional ariport. The drive is not bad if you avoid traffic in the urban area, you go through Silicon Valley, over some low redwood tree covered mountain and then around a long bay and into the cove town of Monterey. Monterey is a tourist town with plenty of dining and accomodations nearby.

Official San Francisco CityPASS® | 5 San Francisco Attractions for $84