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    Beach with easiest parking situation & hopefully cleanest water.

    Hi everyone,

    I'll be visiting Disneyland mid-July, and a visit to the beach is high on the list for the children that will be on the trip (ages 2 and 4)

    Are any of the nearby beaches (Huntington/Newport and big & little corona beach) best when it comes to finding parking? This would be about lunchtime on a thursday if it matters.

    Also, are any of the beaches much cleaner than the others as far as the water and available bathrooms go?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Beach with easiest parking situation & hopefully cleanest water.

    The water (pollution-wise) is pretty bad everywhere in SoCal.
    It can also be pretty cold (60's or lower).
    And, of course, the waves can be very powerful, especially to a 2-or 4-year-old.

    I mean, it's no day at the beach, this beach-going thing!

    Lunchtime Thursday shouldn't be too bad, parking-wise (weekend would be near impossible). Expect to pay $10-$15 to park, but the beach is free (unlike east coast shores).
    The sand will be hot at that time, unless a June Gloom (fog) is still in play.

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