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    Question ECV/Scooter Rental

    New to the boards but long time Disneyland fan and visitor. I'm planning a trip in June for my son's graduation. A week at the GCH. I've got a herniated disc and a slipped vertebrae. I can sit forever with little to no pain. I can walk a couple miles or stand for about 20 minutes before the pain shooting down my right leg starts to become intolerable. Lot's of up and down, bending and squatting mixed in and I can go for quite a while, I guess because the nerve gets some relief instead of being pinched continuously. In any case, you can imagine, it's the perfect back condition to ruin a day at DLR.

    So, I'm sucking it up and renting an ECV/Scooter. Not interesting in doing the Disney rentals since the are limited and you can't take them out of the parks. I've searched and searched but all the threads are like six years old. I'm seeing Apple Scooters and hearing about Deckart's. Both have good reviews for the most part on Yelp and on the various boards but I've heard some bad things too, especially about Deckart's recently. So what's the scoop for 2014? Is Apple good? Is Deckart's still reputable? Any other's I might consider? I'll be honest, Apple having a website is a plus but if Deckart's is the go to place, I'll call. And no matter who I end up with, I promise to post about the experience.


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    Re: ECV/Scooter Rental

    I've never heard of Apple.

    OC medical supply or Deckerts. They can deliver it, charged up, to the GCH.
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    Re: ECV/Scooter Rental

    Please let us know how your trip goes I hope you have fun!! I am planning on visiting Disneyland in May 2014 and my father is a leg amputee disabled Veteran. He can walk around a little with his cane but uses the electric wheelchair/scooters at stores like Lowes & Target so he will need one for our upcoming trip to Disneyland. My questions are who did you use to rent a scooter from & how did you get your rented scooter from your hotel to Disneyland? He hates to be a "burden", which he is most certainly not but anything we can have planned or ready before we go will help him actually enjoy the parks. His even discussed wait/staying in the hotel while we visit the parks. smh.

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