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    Cool Going to the Beach

    Is there a city bus to get from Anaheim to the beach? We wont have a car and would love to go to the beach for a day during our stay in May. Any help would be appreciated. Any ideas on what it costs and how long it takes?

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    Re: Going to the Beach

    Here's a start:
    Orange County Transportation Authority

    Two choices:
    1. On Harbor Blvd, South on Bus #43 to Park and 19th Street; then take Bus 71 south from Newport and 19th.
    2. On Katella Blvd, East on Bus #50 To Tustin Ave; then take Bus #71 all the way to the beach.

    here's a map:
    OCTA Map

    Here is every single schedule in one pdf (seems a bit e-wasteful, but...)

    Looks like an hour and a half at the least. $5 each (day pass) gets you there and back.
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