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    Refurbishment listing????

    Hi Ho everyone!

    So we go to DL every year first week of May usually. We were all set to go next month Apr 30 to May 3, but when I looked up the ride refurbishment list we were SO disappointed to see Pirates will be closed. Total deal-breaker. So we are now post-poning our trip to first week of Dec. It's a big deal, but we can live with a little disappointment and extra wait if it means we get to enjoy Pirates.

    But my question is, the list showing all the refurbishments, is this everything for 2014? Or could more refurbishments be added later? Because as it stands it looks as though nothing outside the Tangled attraction will be down during that December week. Can anybody confirm?

    My daughters fave rides are Splash and Pirates, and we would hate to trade one for another, especially considering we are waiting an extra 7 months (SO HARD!!!)


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    Re: Refurbishment listing????

    Everything is always subject to change, especially this far in advance. Even if nothing big is planned for then as of now, current things could get pushed back, or something new could come up. I hear you on trying to plan the trip around your child's favorites but if you try to schedule around it, you might end up rescheduling and rescheduling infinitely.

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