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    How much to spend and eat in parks for 4 days?

    I'm taking my family to disneyland for the first time in May, and I'm trying to figure out how much spending money we will need for our trip. We will probably eat mostly in park as we are staying close and just plan on walking everywhere. We will bring snack for out bags but how much should I expect to pay to feed my family ( young girls 5 + 6) and what sort of reasonable limit do you plan on each person spending on trinkets and treats a trip?

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    Re: How much to spend and eat in parks for 4 days?

    Welcomes to Micechat.

    It will really depend on how much and where you eat. Likewise how much and what you buy.

    Where are you staying, will it have breakfast included? Will the snacks replace a meal?

    Breakfast is about $10-$15 for a kid or adult. Character Meals are $12-15 to $27-$30 the range is because there are different tiers of character meals.
    Lunch is about $12-$20.
    Dinner is about $15-$50.

    It really depends if you need an entrée, desert, sides and drink.

    Snacks can be a corndog and drink for $10 but that could of been a lunch too. Popcorn, churros, pretzels and ice cream mickey bars are all under $5.

    For souvenirs I would just set a limit. There are things for under $5 and things for over $500. Ear hats are about $14, and shirts $17, sweatshirts around $40.

    What I would suggest is going on amazon, the Disney Store online, or even a walmart and buying some Disney clothing and princess dresses for the girls. Maybe an autograph book if they want to visit characters.
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