Hello Everyone!

I am a previous Disneyland cast member (Attractions and Guest Relations) that is working on starting a business as a Disneyland Vacation Planner and Guru.

Part of my services are going to include vacation planning and suggestions to help you utilize your time the best while in the parks.

A premium service that I will be offering is hosting families while they are in the park. This means joining you for your day as your fun fact guide, picture taker (so everyone can be in all of the photos!), Fast Pass picker-upper, etc.

I am looking to test these services out before launching my business/site and getting feedback on what can be improved (without charge of course!). A Disneyland VIP Tour Guide can run you anywhere from $315-500 an hour depending on the season, and that doesn't even include park admission.

Are you interested in vacation planning assistance for your visit? Would you like to have your own personal, knowledgeable guru for your visit to the Disneyland Resort? Comment on this thread so we can arrange it!

Thanks for your help, and happy vacationing!