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    Re: Restaurants around the Disneyland Area

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
    Do they have valet parking there? I know that the Joe's Crab Shack in Newport Beach has valet, so perhaps the Garden Grove location does as well.

    Also further south on Harbor in Garden Grove there is a Red Lobster.
    I have not been there for a while, but I did not see any valet parking for Joe's

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    Re: Restaurants around the Disneyland Area

    As far as Seafood buffets, there's Todai, which is a Japanese seafood buffet, so one side has sushi, chilled cooked crab legs and other cold items, and the other is hot food, including lots of hot seafood (including lobster at dinner), all you can eat. The closest locations I can find to Anaheim are

    Todai Restaurant
    1500 E Village Way # 2203, Orange, CA
    (714) 974-0763

    Todai Restaurant Westminster
    2008A Westminster Mall, Westminster, CA
    (714) 891-0081

    Both look to be about five miles away.

    There's also the Asia Buffet in the Buena Park Mall, on LaPalma between Beach and Magnolia.
    8360 La Palma Ave, Buena Park, CA
    (714) 828-5780
    It's sort of Pan-Asian: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc., including sushi and hot seafood dishes.

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