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Thread: Priceline?

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    Re: Priceline?

    So do not go down in stars when rebidding. Good to know.
    I wanted to use priceline to stay at someplace a bit better than a 2* this trip. I usually stay at a Super 8 or Motel 6 if I'm by myself which are fine motels but this trip I wanted a bit more comfort plus a bit cleaner room for roughly the same price as a 2*.
    I am confused about doing some reasearch for Hotwire to determine what hotel you would stay at before it being revealed upon paying.
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    Re: Priceline?

    read the faqs at biddingfortravel to understand how to get free rebids without lowering your stars at priceline.

    Basically - assume you want a three star. BEFORE you bid, First look at all the regions, and find out which do NOT have any 3 star hotels. Then, when your first bid on the region you want gets rejected, simply add a region that does NOT have any 3 star hotels. Since that region can not match your criteria, and you expanded your search, you effectivly get a free rebid at the same star level.

    For hotwire, based on the areas, people are talking about trying to match up hotel ammentities listed on hotwire with other websites, etc. You can narrow down which hotels they are offering typically, or at least know which out of a few they are offering. Plus, other sites list which hotels people are getting, etc.

    Hotwire has only really let me down once, and that was a 2 star. My last stay was a 3 star holiday inn that was subpar as far as holiday inns go, but it was ok, not great, but ok. But I do almost all my hotel and cars with hotwire, including all my business trips.

    Hotwire is defiantly the way to go for rental cars too - by far. Only negative is you can't use express checkin. But if you get alamo, they have kiosk check-in, etc.
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