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    Question 2Fer restrictions

    Hey all,
    Quick question, tried searching but couldn't find anything. I live in Fullerton and have some friends coming from out of town. Can I buy 2fer tickets for them (with my CA drivers license) and have them get into the park or are they required to show id at the gate?


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    Re: 2Fer restrictions

    Hi Nathan,

    A few years ago, we went to visit friends in L.A. and we went to DL. (We are from NJ). She bought the tickets for all of us and we were able to use them. You do not need to show ID at the gate.

    Have a Magical Time!

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    Re: 2Fer restrictions

    this is not 2fer related, but when we purchased the special park hoppers last weekend they asked for the ID's of the people using them at the ticket booth when we purchased them....even though we purchased them for the teens. I think she wrote their names on them also.

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