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    Park hopper to Ap question

    What is the protocol from exchanging parkhopper tickets into AP, We bought our vacation for this march before Christmas and now we found out we will be going down two more times this year. we purchased * day park hopper passes how would we go about upgrading them to AP's and does anyone know the cost to do this. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Park hopper to Ap question

    Go into Disneyland, and when you're ready, go to the AP place (the "bank") across from City Hall, stand in the line. You'll pay the difference between the cost of the tickets you have and the AP you want (right now it's 259 for a Deluxe, 379 for a Premium). Take a picture, and you're done!

    If you're not staying onsite, you should use the Magical Morning day first from your ticket, if you wish to. If you're staying onsite you get MM each day it's offered during your stay, so there's no reason to not upgrade as soon as you get to DL (especially with the food discounts!).

    We upgraded, while on a package from Costco Travel, back in September from a 5 day hopper to the Deluxe AP and it was so easy!

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    Re: Park hopper to Ap question

    Also, if you are upgrading to a Deluxe AP, check out the Blockout dates first.

    You can find them at

    You do not want to upgrade until you get past the last Blockout date (otherwise it is $40 per day to enter).
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