I'm attending a Swing Dance Convention at the Hyatt Regency on Harbor and just found out they have added discount Disneyland Resort tickets. Looks like pretty good prices compared to the Disneyland.com internet advance sale prices. Anyone can use it, no need to be registered for the convention.

Tickets can only be used around the convention days:
June 9-22, 2008 ONLY


Click on the Disney Castle link about half way down the page.

Twilight Ticket (entrance after 4pm) $35 - not even available at the park

5 Day Hopper $154 ($194 on pre-sale DL internet site/$234 at gates)
4 Day Hopper $149
3 Day Hopper $139
2 Day Hopper $108
1 Day Hopper $ 81
1 Day 1 Park $ 56

Hope someone can use these great discounts!