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Thread: ECV Rental

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    ECV Rental

    We will be staying at the Tropicanna during the first week of August. We are bringing my mother who is almost 80. Stubborn as she is, I think it would be best to get her an ECV to get around the park. I know I can rent one inside the park but I'm looking for a place that I can rent on for a few days and have them drop it off at the hotel and pick it up when we leave so that she can use it to get to and from the park. Does anyone have any recommendations or companies that rent them?

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    Re: ECV Rental

    I don't but whatever results you get from Google try to read some reviews too. When I researched for a WDW trip a few years back I found out from reviews that some companies were not that good.
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    Re: ECV Rental

    Hi Marc!

    From a link on the Passporter website: Scroll down to see three companies that rent ECVs in the Anaheim area.

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    Re: ECV Rental

    at the Anabella, I go through a company called Universal Medical. we have a great thing going with them and i'd be happy to recommend them to you as well
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