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    America's Worst Cities for Sports Fans

    I found this rather interesting. At first I was kind of surprised to see NY on the list, but other than the Yankees, not really a whole lot of consistently good teams. Sure the Giants won the Super Bowl last year, but other than that, nothing.

    What do sports fans spend the most time grousing about? Above all else, it’s lousy teams or high ticket prices.
    Woe is the fan forced to put up with both at once. Who wants to pay premium prices to sit in the stands and watch the losses mount? Fans in Miami know about that. Over the past year, the city’s four major sports teams – the Dolphins, Marlins, Heat and Panthers – have combined to win just 40 percent of their games while fans have forked over money for tickets and accouterments at the seventh-highest rate among 29 major sports metros.
    Throw in a $38,632 median household income for the greater Miami area, fifth-lowest of the 29 markets, along with a $292.50 price tag for a family of four to see a game, and the city’s pro sports scene ranks as the worst deal in the country by our accounting. That’s what happens when the NBA Heat and NFL Dolphins combine to go 16-82 during the 2007-08 season, more than offsetting the competitiveness of baseball’s young Florida Marlins.
    more at the link ...

    The Top 10:

    San Diego
    New York
    Kansas City

    I have to say, Pittsburgh really surprises me as you always hear what a great sports town it is.

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    Re: America's Worst Cities for Sports Fans

    your right it is nothing. they are idiot fans everywhere. no matter what team or sports.

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