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    Re: Most Annoying Sports Fans

    Quote Originally Posted by Xharryb View Post
    It always kind of amazes me how many of those we have here in my area. I remember one day a couple years ago I was walking through a store wearing some of my Florida stuff. It was the year we had won the BCS title and our second basketball title in a row, defeating Ohio State in both championship games. So this Ohio State fan starts smack talking to me in the middle of the store, and I just had to laugh at him.
    A friend of mine in Tampa is an OSU alum, so he and his wife (whom I'm also friends with) are big Buckeye fans. He loves to talk smack about my Wolverines just to tick me off.

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    Re: Most Annoying Sports Fans

    When I was in London two years ago, I was wearing some USC gear and some dude in a Buckeye hat blurted "SC sucks" as he passed me walking along the Thames. That's pretty rude, given where we were, and how little our teams see of each other.
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