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Thread: I like Joe Buck

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    I like Joe Buck

    Joe Buck is a very good sportscaster. I am happy that he is calling the World Series. I was also happy that he called the Super Bowl. His voice is just perfect.

    So who all here likes Joe Buck?

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    Re: I like Joe Buck

    Joe Buck is a fine sportscaster in the current mold of seemingly interchangeable people that look good on TV, can handle at least baseball and football adequately, and have a fairly bland on-air persona.

    In baseball, he's saddled with the oft-times annoying Tim McCarver, at least on his national FOX telecasts. He seems to have a better chemistry with Troy Aikman.

    Did you hear what he said about Phillies guy Harry Kalas tonight? Harry and his son, Todd - who is a Tampa Bay announcer - presented the starting lineups.

    He said that if he had Harry's voice, he'd just stay at home all day and talk to himself! Point taken, though.

    It's interesting that the announcing gene has been passed from father to son in a number of instances. It was Joe's Dad who had the classic call of Gibson's homer "I don't believe what I just saw".
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    Re: I like Joe Buck

    Gibby was the schnizzit back in the day, wasn't he? Was the hero in the '84 series for the Tigers then four years later turns around and does it again for the Dodgers in '88.

    Now he's a coach for the Diamondbacks. Crazy.

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