Just one of many sad, sad tales from the fires that ravaged the area last weekend.

The day after a wildfire destroyed his Yorba Linda home and left nothing standing but two brick pillars, Craig Milhouse reported for work as the Ducks' team doctor.

"Thank God," Kings defenseman Kyle Quincey said.

Intent on keeping one part of his life the same after the rest was forever changed, Milhouse helped treat a bloody gash on Quincey's left thigh during the third period of the Ducks' 2-0 victory over the Kings at the Honda Center.

Quincey, cut by the skate of Ducks center Samuel Pahlsson, was incredulous that Milhouse was on duty after such a shocking loss. For Milhouse, also the Angels' team doctor and formerly on the medical staff of the Rams and the USC football team, the choice was easy.

"What am I going to do?" he said. "I can't do anything about that right now. I don't want to sit and dwell on it.

"We watched this stuff all day long yesterday even after we found our home was burned. We've already got to start thinking about moving forward because it's done. It's over. We're all fine. The whole family is fine."

I find myself admiring his work ethic and attitude, and the way that players, coaches and managers he's worked with stepped forward to help.

-- Barry