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    Re: For baseball fans...

    Also the yards are smaller nowadays too. Look at how much the players have in telling the owners to move in the fences.

    I think they should be in there, everyone will know the era in which it was prevalent.
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    Re: For baseball fans...

    I'm not clear-cut in my answer to this one.

    There's been a lot of hypocrisy, grandstanding and self-righteous blather regarding this issue.

    And steroids indeed weren't the only thing leading to the offensive explosion of the late 90's. Let's not forget the more tightly wound baseballs coming out of Haiti, and strike zones that shrunk to something smaller than a postage stamp, and thin pitching talent diluted even further by more expansion.

    By the way, I'm sure that Roger Clemens wasn't the only pitcher on the juice. Unless I'm just "mis-remembering".

    As best I understand it, the biggest benefit of steroids is the ability to "bounce back" faster from fatigue and/or injury, and to lengthen a career as previously suggested.

    Where do you draw the line regarding records and the Hall? Do we bring back the famed asterisk a la Babe Ruth and Roger Maris?

    If the numbers suggest that these guys belong in the Hall, then so be it - perhaps with an accompanying plaque in Cooperstown that their numbers might have been tainted by the use of performance-enhancing drugs.
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    Re: For baseball fans...

    Quote Originally Posted by sir clinksalot View Post
    I'm still torn on this.
    If Pete Rose can't get in because of gambling, then these players should not get in because of Steriods. That has a MUCH greater impact on the game than what Rose did.
    Oh here we go again

    I agree with Clinks on this one. If Rose can't be in the HOF then A-roid, Bonds, Clemens (who up until all this was my favorite player) and any other steroid freak should not be allowed. Yes roids are not going to make you actually hit the ball, or put more curve on your pitch, that takes talent. But, roid's will make a difference in how far you hit the ball and how fast your pitch is. Bonds, McGuire, Sosa could hit HR's before the juice, they just couldn't hit as many or as far as they did after the juice. They're steroid use directly affected the outcome of games, just like Rose's could've when he bet on baseball. Who knows how manny games teams would've won or lost if some of their players would not have been juiced up.

    There is another part of me that says your stats and your positive effect on the game should grant you induction. If that's the case then I say, unless you can prove without a shadow of doubt that a player was on steroids when he got the stats that qualified him for induction, then he should be allowed in.

    As I have stated in various posts before, I myself view steroids in a more negative light than i view gambling. I think in the long run steroids has and will do more damage than betting on games will ever do. Pete Rose is nowhere near being one of my favorite players, but he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame much more than Clemens or anyone else that used performance enhancing drugs.
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    Re: For baseball fans...

    Quote Originally Posted by cositaluvsmickey View Post
    Do you think they should allow those players from the "steroid" era be allowed to enter the hall of fame..despite getting "help" from a bottle? and not useing their "Naural" ability?

    my personal view: they should NOT be allowed but that's my own opinon. your thoughts and opinons please.

    While I agree that if you cheat, you should not be allowed into the HOF, I guess we would have to define what is cheating and what isn't. I do agree that using HGH and PED's are cheating, but what does everybody think about perfectly healthy pitchers getting Tommy Johns surgery to "get it out of the way" and get a few extra mph’s on their fastball? I know this is a stretch, but what about upcoming technologies that will be untraceable like gene therapy and other forms of genetic modification that are possible?

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