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    ESPN loves unicorns and rainbows...

    Kotaku - The Konami Code Makes Magical! - Espn

    Sports fans with a taste for glittery unicorns should run, not walk, to and remember their Konami Code, because it appears that some soon to be possibly unemployed web designer is having a laugh. As a couple of unicorn-loving tipsters with a thirst for sporting news have informed us, inputting the infamous Konami cheat code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, enter) will infest the official ESPN web site with mystical ponies. And they'll keep spawning if you keep clicking.
    Not only do you get an eyeful of unicorn and rainbow, you'll also get a heaping help of Comic Sans. And every story will become "cute," "magical" or "sparkly." Thanks to Ken and CronoX2 for the mystical tip!
    just tried it an it works! too funny!

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    Re: ESPN loves unicorns and rainbows...

    I did it too. Awesome!

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    Re: ESPN loves unicorns and rainbows...

    I just tried it as well, awesome.

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    Re: ESPN loves unicorns and rainbows...

    I can't get it to work but I'll be using the Konami code at the Gumball Rally!

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