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    The Clippers curse strikes again (#1 pick out 6 weeks)

    Just when you thought things were looking up for the worst sports franchise in the NBA (maybe in ALL of sports), the Clippers #1 pick is out for 6 weeks with a broken knee cap.

    Clips No. 1 pick sidelined with broken kneecap - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

    LOS ANGELES (AP)—Blake Griffin’s(notes) NBA debut has been pushed back indefinitely after the Los Angeles Clippers revealed late Monday night that their No. 1 overall draft pick has a broken left kneecap.
    The stress fracture could sideline the Oklahoma star for six weeks, the team announced, promising further information Tuesday.

    Griffin, who averaged 13.7 points and 8.1 rebounds per game during the preseason, won’t be in the Clippers’ lineup when they face the Lakers in their opener Tuesday night, and he could be out much longer. The Clippers play 20 games in their first six weeks of the regular season.
    Griffin apparently broke his kneecap during the Clippers’ final exhibition game against New Orleans last Friday, perhaps after a dunk that left the power forward wincing in pain. The team initially said Griffin only had a sore left knee, making him questionable for the opener, before revealing the break.
    I was actually really looking forward to watching him play and I really thought this was one of the #1 picks that the Clippers actually got right.

    Hope he get's better and it doesn't effect his career too much.

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    Re: The Clippers curse strikes again (#1 pick out 6 weeks)

    I was wondering why Blake Griffin didn't play last night against the Lakers.
    Out for six weeks that's really bad news for the Clippers. So much for their improving start this year.
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    Re: The Clippers curse strikes again (#1 pick out 6 weeks)

    Once Blake Griffin gets back from his injury, the Clippers fortunes should bounce back for the better. For now, the Clippers should look to Baron Davis.

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