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    2010 FIFA World Cup! (Soccer)

    USA - ENGLAND, Game one.

    Good day for an upset?

    GO USA!
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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup! (Soccer)

    I cannot wait.
    First game is Saturday, second game the following Friday, third game the following Wednesday.

    So, second two games I'll be in late for work. If at all.

    What's the time difference? They're 10 hours ahead of L.A.

    So, Saturday at 10AM, Friday at 6AM, and Wednesday at 6AM.
    Maybe I won't be late for work. Two hours at most.
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    Re: 2010 FIFA World Cup! (Soccer)

    I'm a HUGE soccer fan, and I love USA! I really think they are capable of beating the Three Lions if they play smart. Having Charlie and Gooch back wouldn't hurt either. Essentially, one of two Altidores could show up, either absent-minded, off his game, rookie mistakes Altidore, or fierce, goal scoring, smart playing Altidore. If we're blessed with the latter, I see sunny skies ahead for my beloved Stars and Stripes.

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