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    College Football's Turbulent Summer

    It appears that within a few years, the college football conference system as we know it will be a memory.

    Goodbye Big 12? Six more teams to the Pac 10? What do you make of all this?

    For comments on USC specifically, here's a link to a separate thread.
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    Re: College Football's Turbulent Summer

    This morning's paper suggested that there might eventually be only four 16-team conferences.
    That would certainly make it easy to do a Plus 1: four champions play each other in bowl games; winners meet a week or two later.

    Only one way this all plays out, and that is if whatever group of schools is propsed to be moving has to improve the conference it's going to.
    For example, Iowa State alone wouldn't be asked to join the Big 10, but ISU, Neb, Mizzu, ..... might be, as a bloc.

    Pac 10 has started the officialness of it by taking Colorado.

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    Re: College Football's Turbulent Summer

    Looks like the Pac-10 got the short end of the stick...

    They got.... Colorado. NOT Texas or OU or OSU or A&M.

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    Re: College Football's Turbulent Summer

    They also will have to add another team to keep it even, Utah is the favorite. So......Blah.
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