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    Good Bye, Manute Bolq

    News came out today that former University of Bridgeport and NBA star, Manute Bol, died at the age of 47 from kidney disease.

    He was an extremely nice individual whom I was fortunate to meet once; being overly tall myself, it was wonderful to stand next to someone a foot taller than I was, and be reminded of when I was a small child next to my father.

    He devoted much of his life after his years in the NBA to building schools and helping people in his native Sudan, work which was greatly appreciated and greatly underreported.

    Whether you thought of him as the Human Pencil, or saw him on the court with Spud Webb (they nicknamed the two Manute and Minute) he was something incrediblel to watch.

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    Re: Good Bye, Manute Bolq

    RIP Manute.

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    Re: Good Bye, Manute Bolq

    Manute is widely credited (not sure whether deservingly or not) with coining the phrase "My bad."
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    Re: Good Bye, Manute Bolq

    I met him a few times when he played for the Warriors. great guy with a smile as wide as he was tall.
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