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    Santo, Billy, + Wrigley Field's Christmas Tree

    I needed a catchy title for this thread, so that you might take a look-see. I guess if you have read this far, then I was successful.

    The turn of events, yesterday, caused me to get up early and take a bus ride down to Wrigley Field in Chicago. I don't live very far, and it really wasn't too cold out today.

    I have been meaning to get down to the park, since they erected the statue for Billy Williams. I never made it. Then they erected another statue for teammate Ron Santo. After Ron Santo was elected into the Hall of Fame yesterday, I figured, that today was a good day to grab my camera, and take a ride. I really wanted to photograph these two statues when I could get some decent photographs, without a lot of Cubs fans spoiling my shots. I arrived at the park shortly after 9 a.m.

    I understand this is the first time that the Cubs organization has put up a Christmas tree. I thought it was very nice. What was even nicer was the Wrigley Field sign with the news of Ron Santo making it into the Hall of Fame.

    I'll end my dialogue here, and just show you a sample of the photographs that I took. I should have checked my camera batteries before I left the house, because I was intending to take many more photographs of Wrigley Field, the Ernie Banks statue, and the Harry Caray Statue. I am glad that I managed to get about 100 pictures altogether of the front of the park, and the Williams statue, and the Santo statue.

    Thanks for looking.
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