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    Thumbs down Why did in 2001, did DCA IGNORE Tony Gwynn?

    A comment in the Cal Worthington thread over in the TV section had me post this...

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkbeer

    Don't get me started on how Disney honored Cal Jr, but FAILED to honor Tony Gywnn back in 2001.

    Tony was just as respected as Cal, and was the LOCAL boy, born in LA, and played his ENTIRE Major League career in San Diego. If there was a CALIFORNIA baseball player that deserved to be honored in his last year of play, it was TONY.

    Ironic, it was Tony that became a Disney employee by becoming an ESPN announcer (along with still being the head coach of the San Diego State University Baseball team).

    But it was "easier" to change the letters out front to "CAL", and heck, Disney owned the Angels back then, and it was a week that the Orioles were out playing the Angels.

    But SAN DIEGO is part of California, and I presume they could have brought up Tony on a off day, he was doing a lot of promo during his (Pre)retirement year.

    As you can tell, I still don't forgive Disney for that REALLY BAD backhand at a world class player.

    And I am proud that BOTH of them went into the Hall of Fame this year, and watched it live! They are BOTH class players and deserving of the honor.

    Too bad the marketing department at the DLR failed to realize it!!!
    Why did they do this???

    Here is an old Kevin Yee article from MousePlanet, late July of 2001...

    Once again, the honoring of Cal Ripkin, Jr. was the right thing to do, he truly deserves all the attention he got.

    But Tony deserved the same attention, but with Disney's "California" Adventure, Tony should have gotten the same, if not a LARGER set of attention. Born in CAL (LA), played and graduated from the CAL state system (SDSU) and played his entire MLB in CAL (San Diego). If there was truly a "Californian" player, it was Tony!

    Sigh, why was he slighted????
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    Re: Why did in 2001, did DCA IGNORE Tony Gwynn?

    When it comes to DCA, it's always the second-best fit.

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    Re: Why did in 2001, did DCA IGNORE Tony Gwynn?

    Could it possibly be related to the fact Disney owned the Angels in those days?

    -- PMM

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