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    Re: Talkin' Baseball 2008: The Season

    Quote Originally Posted by Xharryb View Post
    Though disappointed not to win the Series, I'm still darn proud of the Rays for an amazing season. What they accomplished this year was nothing short of incredible and thier a young team with room to grow and will be contenders again.
    After my temper tantrum last night subsided, I was able to reflect and I agree despite the loss the Rays had a totally magical year. They won the AL East, which many still consider the toughest division in baseball. They won the ALCS... against the Red Sox. They kept the Yankees out of the playoffs completely. I don't care who you are, that's a hell of an accomplishment for a team that is "young and inexperienced".

    Quote Originally Posted by Zorro825 View Post
    Congrads to the Phillies (Grumble, grumble)
    The Rays reminded me of the 06 Tigers. They shouldve won this series but just couldnt come up big when they needed to. Still it was a great run and hopefully this is just the begining of many great years of baseball in Tampa
    Oh I felt like I was watching the '06 Series all over again. Truly heartbreaking to go through this twice in as many years. The ironic thing is in 06, the Tigers were the team that had a week off while waiting for the outcome of the NLCS. And it ended up being to their disadvantage as they were rusty instead of rested. They were HOT when they kept playing and the week off broke whatever momentum they had going for them.

    The Rays got back to Tampa Bay last night and they had a good crowd of fans welcoming them home at the St Pete-Clearwater airport. If I had known about it I would have totally gone as I live like 15-20 minutes from that airport.

    There is one good thing about the Rays not winning the Series... I don't have to buy anymore Rays stuff until next season. I seriously spent so much money at the team store on ALDS/ALCS & World Series merch it's insane.

    Only 3 months until spring training!

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    Re: Talkin' Baseball 2008: The Season

    Congrats to Philly and thier fans!

    The long wait is over!

    I very much enjoyed this unusual series.

    Next year-- Red Sox- Cubs!

    On a sadder note... the F***ing Yankees are Persuing MANNY! ATTN: ALL DODGER FANS- Do NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Call, write, send in spare change, whatever it takes to keep him in L.A. and happy.
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    Re: Talkin' Baseball 2008: The Season

    Quote Originally Posted by sir clinksalot View Post
    Congrats to the Phillies, played a great playoffs.
    As an objective fan with no horse in this race, I've gotta say that with the bad umpiring, the weather, and in retrospect Bud Selig's inexcusable decision to have the teams play two innings in horrid conditions, this was one of the worst World Series I've seen in many years.

    And next year, the potential seventh game would be played on the 7th of NOVEMBER. Ridiculous. All because FOX spends the money, and gets to call all the shots. Literally.

    With that said, the Phillies were just - better - period.

    Congratulations to Joe Maddon and the Rays for a fine season far beyond any expectation. And Rays fans - remind your Tampa neighbors who discovered that Tampa had a team in the second round of the playoffs that next season actually starts in April.

    -- Barry

    PS...With the end of the season and post-season, I've started a new "Hot Stove League" thread for baseball discussion through the fall and winter!
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