Here's the synopsis: I don't have a "modern" computer OS/CPU-wise, or not that modern at least as far as what present-day accessories require, and probably won't for a long time. I'm using a P3-650 running Windows 98SE. Those USB-connected video-in adapters I've been seeing a lot of are a no-go. But certainly there's good hardware from maybe 2000-2002 or so that for sure I can use.

Mainly I'm interested in digitizing VHS and S-VHS tapes, for conversion to a modern format and archival on DVD-R, and maybe some use as a DVR of sorts. At least I want to be able to capture and store true "480i" at 60fps (to preserve the format the original material is in) and not 30fps where each pair of interlaced fields is combined to make "480p".

I'm wondering of the tech-savvy here have any recommendations. An earlier model from the Viewcast Osprey series would probably be most appropriate, although I have yet to reserarch the specific performance of these.