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    Macbook Pro: Restoring to Original


    I cannot seem to find any tech support or get in contact with Apple in regards to this question, I want to restore my macbook pro to Original, erasing everything which is currently on the Mac. I'm under the impression that using Time Machine still leaves traces of old files, etc...I'm selling the mac and want it in Original condition for the next user, can someone help me out here?

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    Re: Macbook Pro: Restoring to Original

    1. Insert your Mac OS X cd or DVD into the computer
    2. restart
    3. hold down C key to boot from cd or dvd
    4. It will load into the installer
    5. choose the Disc Utility from the installer menu
    6. find your hard disk, then choose erase from the menu
    7. erase the hard disc, then exit Disc Utility and return to the installer
    8. install Mac OS X as normal

    This will wipe the hard disc completely and give you a completely new base install of the Mac OS X. The next time you reboot, the new owner will have to register the computer with their Apple ID, or transfer their settings from their existing machine, or whatever they want to do.

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