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    Need possible virus help

    A file came up on my norton anti-visus, it's a trojan (it said) and the filename is ~.exe (and another that said something about local...). I permently deleted it but I need to know what to use, what to do to get rid of it. But it did say that it was quarintined (which lessens the risk, I assume..)

    My dad is deployed and I don't know what to do. Help me out, please.
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    Re: Need possible virus help

    Can't speak for Norton, but a good protection suite would do exactly what you describe; Let you know there is a trojan, then give you the option to remove and quarantine. The only thing that could be done as a follow up is to initiate a full system scan to verify it is history.

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    Re: Need possible virus help

    The message you got means that Norton took the file and placed it into it's quarantined area. In theory it will not be executable from there. You can clear out the quarantine files as one of your choices in the AV program. If you want to make sure that you're still all clear, do a Live Update and then do a full system scan. More than likely you're ok, but that'll help put you at ease.

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