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    Satellite + Cable Modem?

    Im not too sure where to put this but i could use some help on it.

    I want to get Cable internet since my DSL provider has been crappy these past year. The question is, i only have one line going into my apartment.

    I have Satellite DishNetwork.

    I know i have 2 options.

    A) Run a seperate line for satellite into my room through the window.

    B) Use diplexers. But my question is, what diplexers would work with the a cable modem. Will something like, work? or do i need one a specific one? Will running to streams ruin the quality of the line for both? I believe i also need one to split on both ends.

    Any help would be appreciated
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    Re: Satellite + Cable Modem?

    Ok, not sure how much this will help but...

    My cable modem is in my spare bedroom (which is the computer room). I also have a small TV in there. I used a splitter to connect one line into the cable modem and another into the TV. Both work just fine with no issues the last 5 years. The cable guy even told me to do it because he knew I wanted a TV in there.

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    Re: Satellite + Cable Modem?

    You are better off in the long haul to just run a new cable for the Sat dish if you plan on keeping it.

    How is the Sat hooked up now? Is it ran to the one feed where you normally get cable/phone into the place?

    Are you renting? Do you own? These types of things are relevant to what you can do.

    It's kind of hard to make suggestions without a better picture of your layout and what is where... but if you can.. and I assume you only have one Sat reciever? I'd just run a dedicated line for the sat if possible.
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    Re: Satellite + Cable Modem?

    I have Cox Cable/Phone and Internet...ATT sux

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