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Thread: HP help

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    HP help

    I've got a Hp Pavilion Media Center AMD Processor, the Heat sink / fan attachment for the mother board, busted... So now my processor is overheating and keeps shutting down my CPU!!!

    I called HP they said for $250 bucks... I said for $250 bucks plus alittle more I can buy a dell...

    Any help suggestions? Or anything more helpfull where can I buy a new bracket?

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    Re: HP help

    How did you bust the heat sink? And how is it broken.

    You need to get to a real computer store. If it has just fallen off they make a special glue and you can reattach it (DO NOT try any other kind of glue). If the fan is broken you can just get a new one and they are fairly easy to put in.

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    Re: HP help

    Does the fan run?
    Is the fan and heatsink attached to the board and CPU properly?

    Sorry if you want help fixing it, you need to better describe the actual situation.

    The parts and attachments are all common things, once you know the mounting arrangement of your motherboard (it should be the same as all others for that family of CPUs.. ) you can replace it with any other. The only concerns are space, and the power connector (which can be adapted if need be)
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