I have set up a wiki on one of my systems using this guide. Manual:Running MediaWiki on Ubuntu - MediaWiki
I do not have much actual experience in using any of these things other than what the guide has taught me.

I'm reading through a book I borrowed from my library on PHP and MySQL and there's a note in it saying that I should be well versed in XHTML before even attempting to learn how to use PHP. This made me think, "What else should I know for being able to properly set up and run a wiki?"

I've created a small diagram of what I know I need to learn and what I need to know first before going on to the next step. Can anyone else suggest other things or languages I should learn to help with running a wiki?

Note: Yes I know there's services out there that would do all the back end stuff for me, some even for free. I chose to do it at home because I want to learn how to do it myself. The more you know!