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    Please help my connection issues...

    Ah I had this long thing with the error message but it got eaten when MC went down.

    Basically i am having trouble connecting to any web site (more than usual). Happened after a power outage. Pages load endlessly. Sometimes if I stop 1 tab loading the rest will load. If i get an error message it is this (as I was writing this message I got it)

    Connection Interrupted

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.

    But when I do diagnose and repair, it never finds problems. I have reset the modem and the router and my connection itself. Nothing I have tried has worked.

    Jeff is connecting fine so it has to be something in my computer. Any ideas?
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    Re: Please help my connection issues...

    is your computer hardwired or wireless?

    are you able to reach the router?

    if your wireless you might try resetting your passkey.

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    Re: Please help my connection issues...

    You might also have problems with you IP address and/or your DNS if it is just a connection issue. From your service provider you get this information, however if it gets lost it has to be resent.

    Open a dos window and type in IPCONFIG /all

    If you see all zero's or all then you are in trouble.

    You can force it to reset the information with the command. IPCONFIG /renew

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    Re: Please help my connection issues...

    I get that sometimes both on my work PC and on my laptop at home (which is on wifi). Usually I just reload the website I'm on and it's fine.

    Technology is weird.

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