I have After Effects CS4 [a downloaded version, regrettably - will last only another 15 days], which is the recommended software to use with Action Essentials 2.

I ordered that software because I didn't want to risk getting anything cheap-o by downloading [I'd personally always rather buy than download], and I expected the files to auto-extract to the After Effects folder. When I popped the disks in, several folders came up with hundreds of files within, being the pre-keyed stock footage. I was stoked, but I didn't know where to put them...and I still have no idea.

Even though I will lose AE CS4 before the end of the month, I have Vegas 7.0 [which supports Quicktime and that is all I need to run Action Essentials], but again, I haven't a clue where to put them. And hopefully sometime before the next millenium my friend will hurry up and give me a legitamate version of AE to use, but it would still be good to know for when that time comes.

So any tech genius out there want to point me in the right direction? If it helps, all of the files are .mov and there are tutorials included, but those MUST run on After Effects.

I'd hate to think I spent $115 on a software I can't even use because I don't know where the files go.