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    Quote Originally Posted by figment1986
    they are DSLing the areas with higher population first... then moving to the obscure areas.. in about 5 years most of the country should be up to DSL/Cable modem speeds....

    I was suprised they have DSL where I live, 5 miles from a small town that has a co-op phone company... only 10 homes in the neighborhood, but they had it.,...

    suprisingly no cable internet....

    I liiked into satelite, but it is VERY expensive $80 per month and the equipment is 400 AND UP...

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    and no not wireless like wireless networking wireless like wireless broadband (this always confuses people)

    wireless networking is slow range and uses radio frequencies and other such things

    wireless broadband requires a microwave dish to be setup ontop of my house, it's different then sattilite though because the broadcasters are on the ground giving me much faster speed as well as allowing me to send data back (aka really fast upload speeds as well *sattlite technicaly can't upload so your sending data out through a phone line or another such communication device making your upload speed a joke*)

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    I am an MSN fan. I only have dial-up now because I am broke, but I plan to have MSN premium as soon as I can get enough money to pay the bill on it!!!!!
    Listen to me on the radio! Fridays- 9p-12m ET and Saturdays- 7p-10p ET Monday-Friday - 12m-6a ET Sundays - 10p-12m ET

    You can also visit my DJ blog HERE!
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