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    Re: Cell Phone Options

    Quote Originally Posted by The Disneylander View Post
    Just one piece of advice: do not, DO NOT, switch your carrier to Sprint. They will rape you, cut off your legs, and feed your spleen to sharks, all while leeching your account...and laugh while doing so. I speak from personal experience.

    The iPhone's a damn fine choice if you're sticking with ATT, since Apple finally got around to actually putting some standard features on the newest generation.

    For Verizon Wireless, the Droid is a pretty good cell phone, not comparable to the iPhone according to many online reviewers but still a good phone nonetheless.
    Wait, why? I just got a new phone with Sprint and now am scared. My folks have had them for years and now I am very scared.

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    Re: Cell Phone Options

    Like with most other things, YMMV. We had Sprint a few years ago and while initially their coverage was pretty good, they did something and we were suddenly unable to use the phones at home. Since we didn't have a landline this was a serious problem. Many, many phone calls (and their reps. can be really nasty) to Sprint later...nothing. Their take on it was that since we could almost always get a signal anywhere else, including out of state, it was irrelevant that we couldn't get one at home. There's a lot more to it, but that was the biggest problem.

    We have AT&T now and they aren't great, but at least they're mostly reliable. I have a BlackBerry Curve now but will change when I can. I had Verizon about 8 years ago and they were pretty good and at the time I got better coverage when traveling with them than with anyone else.

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    Re: Cell Phone Options

    TF, for you I would suggest a standard phone since you seem to not need or want the PDA abilities. If you did decide to go towards the smartphone route, I would steer you clear of the iphone because of it dropping calls more often than most phones, but most people like to play with

    I'm enjoying my android phone, but like all phones, it has good and bad.


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