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    Cleaning Scanner

    I've got an HP all in one.

    Works great except when I scan docs through the document feeder I a line in the scan.

    No lines if I put one sheet directly on the glass, only if it is through the feeder.

    How do I clean this up ?

    I know a new unit would be cheap but still I hate to waste
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    Re: Cleaning Scanner

    On my old all in one there was a separate glass strip just to the left of the large glass. When it got dirty the docs from the adf had one or more lines.

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    Re: Cleaning Scanner

    gdwnphx is correct. When you scan a doc via the automatic document feeder (adf) it passes over a small "strip" of glass so that the scanner head need not move (since the paper is doing the moving). There should be a way to get to that area, either by opening the unit or the covering, and clean just that small area with an alcohol wipe.
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