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Thread: Sprint EVO 4G

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    Sprint EVO 4G

    Did anyone get one of these on Launch Day and how do you like it? I am going to get one but my Upgrade isn't due until July . =(

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    Re: Sprint EVO 4G

    Quote Originally Posted by cakvalasc View Post
    Did anyone get one of these on Launch Day and how do you like it? I am going to get one but my Upgrade isn't due until July . =(

    I might get it, if you wait for your upgrade in July you can get your Evo at Best Buy (They will honor your upgrade) and you can get the White one (launch is July 11th).

    Only Best Buy will have it, and they will only have it during the launch, Sprint said Best Buy signed some exclusive deal with HTC to sell the White Evo before anyone else. Sprint will eventually get the white one, but the date is not confirmed yet.

    IF anyone bought or upgraded to the EVO I would love to hear their comments and issues. I have read several reviews and I am still contemplating getting one, since I dont like AT&T I will hold off on switching over there just for the iphone, thought if they eventually (Apple) let another carrier sell the iphone I will definitely switch over.

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    Re: Sprint EVO 4G

    After over a month of searching and 3 weeks of being on every waiting list, I finally have my EVO! I went with the white model from Best Buy with an Invisible Shield. I'm coming from the Pre, so it's going to take me some time to get used to Android from WebOS but it's amazing so far. I can't get over how fast the hardware is compared to the Pre. Google Goggles is a great app to get started with...
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    Re: Sprint EVO 4G

    I have had mine since launch day, and I love it so hard! I came from an HTC Hero, and it is just so much faster and more responsive. At first I thought it might be too big for me, but now when looking at other smaller touch-screen phones, now I think, "aww, how wee it is"

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