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    A question for all the computer techies out there

    Is it possible to convert a DOS program into Windows? I found a CD last night that I got many many years ago called 'Star Wars Screen Savers'. On this disk there's about 30 additional minutes from Episode IV, A New Hope which never made it into the movie (Luke watching the Star Destroyer Battle over Tattoine, Talking to Biggs at Toshi Station and hearing that he's joining the rebellion, Han Solo making out with a hooker in Mos Eisley, etc). I'd love to see these scenes again and maybe get them into a format where I can share them. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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    Re: A question for all the computer techies out there

    Does it not run in DOS emulation mode in Windows?

    What does the structure on the disc look like? Are there seperate files that get called up by the main program - or is it just one big executable?

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    Re: A question for all the computer techies out there

    The best thing to do is zip up the files on the CD and upload them to, as long as the total file is less than 150 MB.

    If you still believe the material is copyrighted then don't do it. I am not asking you to share copyrighted material. I am only asking you to share with the intent that if more people have access to it, one of us should be able to put it in a format for today's Windows.

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    Re: A question for all the computer techies out there

    I would try the compatability modes of windows first. If that doesn't work.. you can always click on start, then run and then type "cmd" (no quotes) and hit enter. Or if in windows 7 simply click start and then type "cmd" (no quotes). This will take you to the DOS prompt within windows. You can navigate to your CD drive (usually D and run the executable directly from there.

    Do you have the exact name of the disc? There's a chance it's already out there somewhere in a more updated format.

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