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    Anyone using the new RockMelt browser?

    I just installed it today, and I gotta admit - it's impressive! I'm logged into both Facebook and Twitter through it, and I can add other feeds, plus all my Firefox bookmarks automatically imported (as did my saved passwords, which saves a lot of time). The nice thing is that it uses less memory to do it all.

    The Official Intro Video:

    RockMelt - Your Browser. Re-imagined. Connect for an invitation.

    Interview with the founders of RockMelt:

    Pretty full review:

    Only thing so far that I'm not a fan of is that right now I appear to be stuck with ads, and of course some of my favorite Firefox add-ons aren't there either. But as the founders mentioned in the second video, apparently you can import Google Chrome extensions into RockMelt, and some of the Firefox Add-ons I like most are also Chrome extensions, so, hey, this just might work out!
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    Re: Anyone using the new RockMelt browser?

    Yeah, I played with it for a while, but in the end, it's just another browser - albeit one that also incorporates Facebook and twitter (and some other feeds). Aside from being able to open all that up at once, in one "window", I see no real improvement over opening the apps up as I need them or opening multiple windows should I need them all at once. The drag and drop features are convenient, but not a big difference from having two windows open - although some apps require cut & paste as the drag & drop doesn't behave in a manner similar to Rockmelt.

    I can see where some folks will really like it, I'm just "meh" on it.

    I do encourage folks to try it out...

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    Re: Anyone using the new RockMelt browser?

    Hadn't heard of this before. I looked at the shorter of those two videos and, initial response: Huh?

    It's kinda interesting looking, although probably only really useful to those who routinely do a lot of social-networking, have many contacts, and use mostly Facebook, Twitter, and the other fashionable big sites.

    Not for me to be honest, because none of the above apply: I haven't done any instant-messaging or similar over-internet networking of note since probably 2001, prefer not to rely on a small number of popular sites (for security reasons), and prefer good old-fashioned email for most communications. The only thing that really stood out to me was the Gigaminx at the beginning of the video...

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