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    Need Droid wallpaper help

    I just got a droid 2 after my EnV 3 went belly up (a circuit shorted out causing battery drainage and and high heat on the phone).
    So, I have been reading and reading about this and haven't gotten a good answer. I want a wallpaper (prefer from my gallery) but I somehow want the whole picture without cropping out 90% of it. I tried re-sizing it two different times to 2 different sizes (one a guy at verizon told me one my brother told me) but that just doesn't work. I don't care if it's pixalited much as long as you can tell what it is.

    How can I do that? And are there places within the phone (market?) where I can download some for free (other than the ugly ones that come with the phone)?

    And what are some good free apps that are helpful?
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    Re: Need Droid wallpaper help

    Market - Apps - All applications - Top Free...or Just In.

    You can scroll down and find wallpaper, animated wallpaper, and theme sets with a tiny bit of searching. As far as creating my own from my gallery - never done that as I like the animated ones that came with my phone. (HTC Incredible) My wife does it with her Droid X and the photo automatically scales.

    As far as free apps... depends what you are into. My favorites are:
    • Bubble
    • CamScanner
    • ConvertPad
    • Compass
    • Earth
    • Google Sky Map
    • IMDB
    • Lookout
    • Metal Detector
    • My Tracks
    • RealCalc
    • ScanLife
    All the rest I use came with the phone...

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    Re: Need Droid wallpaper help

    The size the wallpaper needs to be is 960854. I make my own all the time for my Droid X and the wallpaper size is the same for the Droid 2.

    That size is far wider than the actual screen, but that is because when you scroll through the multiple screens, it shifts the background a little each time. So from the far left screen to the far right screen you'll see the whole background.

    Photoshop is the easiest to use to make these, but this should apply to any photo editor. I use the selection tool and set it to a fixed size of 960 x854 and then move the selection around till it covers what I want in the photo the best. Then I crop and save it... plug in my phone and copy the photo to a Wallpapers folder I created in the dcim folder on my phone. (dcim is where the gallery is). Inside dcim should be a Camera folder where your gallery is. I created the wallpaper folder as a sibling to the camera so both sit inside the dcim folder.

    Then just choose a wallpaper from there, find the image select it and make sure the crop box isn't cropping the image and set it.

    If your original image is smaller than 960x854 you will have to increase its size and it will get pixelated. Try to start with images larger for best results.

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    Re: Need Droid wallpaper help

    Other apps that I find useful:

    *Calendar Snooze
    *Astro File Manager
    *Delete old messages
    *Handcent SMS (My favorite for texting)
    *Movies -can also deal with Netflix queue
    *Scrambled Net (game for network geeks)
    *UltraChron (there is a lite and paid version)
    *Wifi Analyzer
    *Words Free

    There are others (Angry Birds) but I'm sure that'll give you a lot to get going with. :-)

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