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    Question Help with Camera Lenses?!?

    I hope that this is going in the correct spot, but my husband and I just bought an Olympus Pen E-PL1. We have gotten pretty good with it so far and think that we are ready to move on to other lenses. I was looking around today and found that Polaroid makes conversion lenses. They are fairly inexpensive so that is appealing. I am wondering if any one has ever used or knows anything about these and could give me some insight.

    Thanks much!

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    Re: Help with Camera Lenses?!?

    I don't know all that much about lenses, but I do know that not all lenses, fit all cameras. Some companies special ways to make them attach to only their cameras. So a Polaroid might not fit onto an Olympus camera no matter how good the lenses is.

    Double check before you buy.

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