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    ipod to computer transfer HELP!

    Ok so here's the deal: many music files that I had were not saved to my actual computer (I thought they were) and now I have a new computer with a new empty itunes and no way to get the files from my ipod to my computer. I've browsed the software but I'm looking for something free because lets face it, I'm broke. Also, when I plug in my ipod to the computer, the computer will open it in itunes but even when enabled to show hidden files, it doesn't. A long time ago I had to do this same sort of transfer when itunes erased everything I had. I had to do something with the registry, but that was back when I had the ipod software so the computer knew my device and I knew how to get those files back. Can someone please help me?? I'm desperate!! Thank you.

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    Re: ipod to computer transfer HELP!

    Did you do a back up of your iTunes library? If you did then do the restore from back up with that. Otherwise I don't know of another way. I don't like to mess with my registry files, if you delete or move the wrong thing, you then have bigger problems.

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    with a back up I mean a disc or external hard drive.

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    Re: ipod to computer transfer HELP!

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