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Thread: Smart? Phone

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    Smart? Phone

    I know Smartphones are slowley becoming more popular here in the USA. For the longest while, I think Palm has owned the market with the Treo, but I see others finally starting to rise up! I don't know if they consider the T-Mobile Sidekick a smartphone, but I see more and more people and celebs using it. Any predictions on who will take the market?
    Personally I like Symbian phones.

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    Re: Smart? Phone

    I just got a Palm Treo650 last week, after wanting one for over a year (had to wait for my contract mature). I like it so far, but it's a LOT of gadgetry and I'm still getting used to it. Even though a had a Palm device several years back, and I'm thankful that they haven't changed the OS much, there's still a lot of added functionality that takes getting used to, like email (works great with AOL), websurfing (any websites, not just mobile ones), text/MMS messaging, etc. You really need to be into that kind of stuff to take full advantage of it and make it worthwhile. Bluetooth works well in the car (Lexus RX400h), and with my IOgear BT headset... but on my Logitech it is very weak in the volume, I can hardly hear (seemed louder with my old Nokia 6820). Also, if it is used frequently throughout the day (not just for calls, but as a PDA), it seems like it needs to be charged almost every night. Syncs well with my G4 MacMini, but I haven't tried it with my PC yet (it's been on the blink).

    Also, personally I need a backup phone because it's large and clunky and not exactly good for "dressing up" if going out. I picked up a black motoRAZR for that.

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    Re: Smart? Phone

    I can't wait for the release of th Nokia N80. Its a Symbian phone with a 3MP camera and video, WiFi, BLuetooth, infrared, and much more.

    its going to be awesome.

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