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Disneys Princess Wallpapers

This month, Appthority came across Disneys [sic] Princess Wallpapers on Google Play, which—despite the name in the title—is not a legitimate app from Disney. It "blatantly uses the Disney brand to promote a cookie-cutter wallpaper app with Snow White-themed pictures," Watkins said.

In this case, this app collects private information, such as the user's name, email address, and phone number, and sends the data to multiple analytic and ad networks, Appthority found. Most of the data is sent as plain-text, as well.

Appthority found the developer for this app, "mbrlealye," had quite a few other Disneys Princesses apps and Batman apps on Google Play exhibiting similar behavior. It appears the developer may have initially released the apps under a different name before re-posting in Play under the current account. It's not clear at this point if the developer deleted the games from the earlier account or if Google had flagged and terminated that account.

Other Fake Disney Apps

The Ultimate Disney Movie Quiz by RevolutionApps, Drawing Disney Cartoons by, Disney Trivia by LiquidIceStudios, Lovely Disneyland Locker Theme by Locker theme World, Disneyland in Night LW by Paarshv Inc, Disney Movie Songs Videos by AndroidBeautyGirl," and Disney Movie Quotes by TovsonApps, are all fake and potentially risky, Appthority warned.

Walt Disney Studios Park Wallpapers and Backgrounds by Ivana Ahardert, Disneys Princess Theme by "akamonandy," and Disneyland HD Live Wallpaper by Pro Soft appear to have been removed from Play. If you have installed them, you should consider removing them.