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    Cool Classic Disney Short Films for Download!

    Don't know if anyone else caught this, but you can now download classic Disney short films on iTunes and put them on your iPod video! Too cool! I think 2$ is a little much considering you can get an entire episode of Lost for that much...but it's cool none the less. First the pixar shorts, now classic Disney shorts, awesome!

    Speaking of ipod video, i'm in the process of trying to get a free 60GB one, if anyone wants to join in and aid me that would be awesome. I have been trying to get one to use as a storage device to transfer my graphic design work around here at school and the free Disney shorts have really spurred me on to try and get one. If you'd like to help follow this link -

    also, if you message me I can send you an email of instructions on exactly what to do, thanks guys!

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    Re: Classic Disney Short Films for Download!

    This Pixar/Disney thing is Cool.
    -Monorail Man

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