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    Google update shows new MiceChat messages

    I installed Google Update a few months back. One nice feature is that it can show new messages in Google Groups (formerly Dejanews).

    Today, for the first time, I noticed that it is showing new MiceChat messages. How is this possible? I didn't register MiceChat with Google Update. Can I set it up to do the same with other vBulletin boards I'm registered with?

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    Re: Google update shows new MiceChat messages

    Just think now the CIA knows what we post here as well!
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    Re: Google update shows new MiceChat messages

    Just don't say the obvious red flag words like bomb, terrorist, kill etc..

    Wait a minute....*BEEP BEEP BEEP*......

    This message has been monitored for your convenience, would you like some Publix Sweet Tea Summer?

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    Cool Re: Google update shows new MiceChat messages

    Oh you're in trouble, Summer! LOL

    let's hope they don't send in the HASMAT Team like in Monsters Inc. ROFL
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