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    Helping to pay for micechat

    Here is a quick question…. I try to click on the ads once a day to help to pay for the upkeep of micechat. Would it help if I click twice a day? Or would need to have a different IP address for the site to get payment?

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    It would really help if you clicked the little boxes at the bottom of the page......
    Check out the News Forum for the latest news with a Micechat twist!

    Do you MiceChat?
    Help support the site you love:
    -Visit the MiceChat store
    Make a donation with one of the boxes at the bottom of the page

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    Clicking once a day from a unique IP address is just fine. I try to do so at home and work, if I can remember.

    A little birdie told me that if you click too many times for the same site it will send up a red flag to GoogleAds and they will block the IP address.

    Thank you for supporting the site.
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    Yea. Generally how it works is that 1 click is the best, because it looks at IPs. (So if your on Dial-Up, click every time you connect to the internet).
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    Oh man, I love google adsense. I remember the bad old days of awful flash and animated gif ads with awful pay rates. I'm constantly amazed at how much money my own site is able to take in from google, for such tasteful and restrained ads.

    You guys might look into enabling image ads if you haven't already. They only show up if they'd pay better than the two text ads that would have otherwise been shown, and they're always static, small image files.

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