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    Advice for a digital virgin

    My longtime companion camera died today. I have had this camera for 12 years now (it was my highschool graduation gift) and it has been all over the world with me. I am leaving for Vegas and DL in 2 weeks and so I need to get a new camera pronto.

    I am finally going to go digital! But I need some advice on what to look for.
    Any particular brand to pick? Or avoid? I can afford to spend in the $250-300 range. And it has to be relatively idiot proof as I will (of course) be a newbie.
    The sales guy at Best Buy was pushing the Nikkon Coolpix. Are there any features I should look for?

    Opinions anyone?

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    Re: Advice for a digital virgin

    I used this site when shopping for mine:

    On top of being a good review, it linked me to a site that had it for almost $100 less than local stores.

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    Re: Advice for a digital virgin

    Personally, I love my Sony Cybershot DSC-W7. I also recommend for purchasing. They have phenomenal prices, customer service, and package deals.

    I ordered my camera and received a personal phone call to verify the order as well as suggested deals on batteries, pouches, and other accessories.

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